Last Man Standing

Derek Byrne Arsenal Liverpool
Hannah Brady Arsenal Spurs
Dave Hanley Arsenal Spurs
Donal Walsh Burnley Spurs
Darren McArdle Arsenal Spurs
Phil Harte Arsenal Man Utd Man City
Pat McCarthy Arsenal Spurs
Emma Byrne Arsenal Liverpool
Annemarie Byrne Arsenal Spurs
Austin Nevin Swansea Man Utd
Paul Whelan West Ham Spurs
Anto Murray Burnley Spurs
Francis Eastwood Chelsea Man City Man Utd
Fergus Downey Arsenal Spurs
Jimmy Martin Burnley West Brom
Noel Herns Burnley Bournemouth Man City
AJ Hughes West Ham Liverpool
Jonathan Hore Burnley Spurs
Eddie Condron Chelsea Man City Spurs
Neil Maher Arsenal Spurs
Terry Staunton Arsenal Crystal Palace
Dillon Staunton Arsenal Spurs
Craig Smith Arsenal Man City Man Utd
Father Pat Chelsea Man Utd Man City (AP)
Gary Flood Arsenal Spurs
Sean Kennedy Arsenal Spurs
Ciaran O’Doherty Burnley Spurs
David Doyle Chelsea Spurs
Paddy Arsenal Liverpool
Liz Newcastle Man City Chelsea
Conor Chelsea Spurs
Tom Newcastle Spurs
Keith West Ham Spurs
Mary Arsenal Liverpool
Susan Murphy Chelsea Spurs
Michelle Farrrell Arsenal Spurs
Derek Byrne (AB) Arsenal Spurs
Mark Stack Arsenal Spurs
Adam Byrne Arsenal Liverpool
Elaine Dooley Arsenal Liverpool
Robbbie Mullen Arsenal Spurs
Mick Milligan Spurs Man Utd Arsenal
John Dooley Arsenal Man Utd Man City
Declan Murtagh Burnely Liverpool
Martin O’Halloran Arsenal Spurs
John Kenny Arsenal Spurs
Gerry Taafe Arsenal Spurs
Jen Taafe Arsenal Spurs
Terry Dillon Burnley Spurs
Joey Arsenal Spurs
Seanie Arsenal Spurs
Mary P Arsenal Liverpool
Liam P Arsenal Man City Man Utd
Fatbhoy Arsenal Spurs
Paddy C Arsenal Man Utd Man City
Keitho Arsenal Spurs
Clo Burnley Spurs
Graham Arsenal Liverpool
Karen B Arsenal Spurs
Pat C Arsenal Liverpool
Greg MA Arsenal Spurs
Saoirse Bolger Arsenal Spurs

50% of the takings will be returned in prize(s)

50% goes to the Oblate Basketball Club.

The winner will be determined in the following manner:

If after all other participants have been eliminated there is one person left – that person wins the pot.

If on a particular week all remaining participants do not win their game – the pot will be split evenly between among those remaining participants.

If at the end of the season there is still more that one participant remaining – the pot will be split evenly among those participants.

Deadline for week 2 is Friday the 29th of September if you remain in the competition.

Text Derek 087 606 2822 or email