Last Man Standing Rules


LAST MAN STANDING 7th/8th Nov 2015

New one Starting weekend

Dear Club Member/Parent,

We are going to run the Last Man Standing again which proved to be a success but we need more people to take part. Each one sold will go towards your fundraising target and remember if you reach your target anything over this goes towards your subs.


  • Each week you will select 1 Premier League team you believe will win its game that weekend.  Entries must be by text or e-mail to Derek details below. If you do not contact in time you will be eliminated.
  • If the team that you select wins its game you advance to the next week and choose a different team for that week. If your team draws or looses you are out.
  • Once you have selected a given team you may not use that team again for the remainder of the competition.
  • If your selection is late or you select a team that you have already selected you are automatically eliminated from the competition.
  • If there is a match scheduled for a Monday night as part of the weekend fixtures then either of those teams can be selected.
  • Should you pick a team that does not play or the game is abandoned for whatever reason you are out!


50% of the takings will be returned in prize(s)

50% goes to the Oblate Basketball Club.

The winner will be determined in the following manner

If after all other participants have been eliminated there is one person left – that person wins the pot.


If on a particular week all remaining participants do not win their game – the pot will be split evenly between among those remaining participants.


If at the end of the season there is still more that one participant remaining – the pot will be split evenly among those participants.

ENTRY FEE:                          €10 per participant (once off payment)

Deadline for entry is Friday 6th November and every Friday 5pm deadline after that if you remain in the competition.

Competition commences on Saturday 7th November

Please give money to coaches.