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Saturday, September 27th, 2014

Last Man Standing is back….

A total of 143 entries will see the Last Man Standing receive €715. Below is the teams chosen and will feature on the website weekly. The very best of luck to everyone. Don’t forget to get your teams to Lynn by the Friday. Thank you again for the wonderful support.

Alan Swan Southampton
Lil Al Swan West Brom
Grandad Paddy Chelsea
Grandad Liam Chelsea
Marty Cronin Chelsea
Rory Cronin Chelsea
Terry Swan Crystal Palace
Colin Meagher Southampton
Gavin Meagher Swansea
Lynn Mcloughlin Swansea
Sean Mcloughlin Stoke
Tommy Coffey Southampton
Viv Shaw Man City
Brian Quinn Chelsea
Jennifer Murray Stoke
Tara Brilly 1 Villa
Tara Brilly 2 Liverpool
Tara Brilly 3 Chelsea
Peter Thornton Southampton
Greg Marinkovic Leicester
Terry Staunton Arsenal
Dillon Staunton Southampton
Karen Staunton Sunderland
Marie Smith Man City
Les Smith Chelsea
Carey Clan Man City
Emma & Shane Southampton
Craig Smith Arsenal
Dermot Chelsea
Valerie Malone Chelsea
James Malone Southampton
Augustine Farrell Man City
Michelle Farrell Arsenal
Gerry Farrell Chelsea
Kathleen Mahon Chelsea
Prescilla Crystal Palace
Reanne Devlin Crystal Palace
Dermot Devlin Liverpool
Anne Scully Arsenal
Sue/Lyn Chelsea
Reiltin Murray West Brom
Declan Murtagh Southampton
Sarah Douglas Man City
Sharon Malone Crystal Palace
Ciaran O Doherty Southampton
Alex Watt Chelsea
Niamh Bolger Chelsea
Peter Watt Southampton
Gerard Watt Southampton
Bart Watt Chelsea
Alan Massey Chelsea
Brendan Mernagh Man City
Gerry Burke Southampton
Justin Harnedy Southampton
Derrick Crowley Chelsea
Colm o Connor Man U
Derek Byrne Man U
Emma Byrne Man U
Sarah Byrne Arsenal
Hannah Brady Southampton
Luke Brady Chelsea
Damien Murray Southampton
Brendan Whelan Stoke
Anto Murray Southampton
Donal Walsh Southampton
Pat Mccarthy Chelsea
Phil Harte Southampton
Dave Hanley Southampton
Ann Marie Byrne Man U
Philip Early Southampton
David Brothers Chelsea
Catherine Hyland Man U
Jimmy Moloney Man City
Katie Moloney Chelsea
Glen Daly Southampton
David Hyland Man city
Maria Hyland Man City
Pat Twyford Man City
Fiona Daly Chelsea
Tracy Hyland Arsenal
Mick Leicester
Fisher Southampton
Michael Swansea
Maria Chelsea
Noel Harrison Man City
Michael Harrison Southampton
Theresa Harrison Chelsea
Joe Farrell Chelsea
Josie Farrell Arsenal
Alan Carney Man City
Michael Mayse Chelsea
Paddy Coady Southampton
David Cawley Southampton
James Maher Man U
Deborah Chelsea
Harry Southampton
David Farrell West Brom
Fergus Murphy West Brom
Colm Southampton
Patty Man City
Kayleigh Chelsea
Michelle Man City
Rachel Man City
Stephen Tracy Southampton
Eimear Mckeogh Man City
Kim Chelsea
Michelle Green Southampton
Janette Man City
Nichola Southampton
Dave Liverpool
Thomas Mckenna Chelsea
Stuart Southampton
Eugene Man City
Gina Man U
Gary Taaffe Chelsea
Terry Dillon Liverpool
Gerry Taaffe Southampton
Ellie Chelsea
Shaneo Man City
Nathan Keech Arsenal
Alison Keech Chelsea
Paula Mullins Man City
Andy Cleary Southampton
National League Chelsea
Amanda Duffy Southampton
Alan Carrick Southampton
Clodagh Southampton
Linda D Southampton
John B Southampton
Pascal Southampton
Liam P Chelsea
Mary P Chelsea
Karen C Chelsea
Pat C Chelsea
John E Chelsea
Paddy C Arsenal
Tina C West Brom
Joe Man City
Fatbohy Man City
Shauna Man City
Seanie Stoke
Keitho Man U
Shaun Swansea


Tuesday, September 23rd, 2014

Don’t forget our first LAST MAN STANDING is starting this weekend 27th Sept. This is a great way to reach your fundraising quota. Its €10 once off payment per entry, so the more entries you get the more will go off your quota then off your subs when quota is reached. Makes sense to me so get your family, friends neighbours involved. The pot has reached €600 in the past. Not too bad!!

Get your teams to Lynn by Friday 26th 0857163010 or A list of teams and names will be on the website weekly.